March 2008 / Folding Carton Industry

A Successful Partnership

Can-Am Packaging Equipment Corp., Pelham, N.H., is the exclusive North and South American distributor of Omega Folder Gluers and Kohmann Window Machines. The company has been distributor of Duran Machinery’s Omega line since early 1990. Following is an interview with Bonnie L. Barraclough about her company’s successful alliance with Duran Machinery.

  • What products are included in the Omega line?

Omega has several products in their line. The Omega AllPro S, Omega Magnus, Omega Allpro, Omega Bella and Phoenix Flame Sealer are all offered to meet 7/24 demands for peak productivity, minimum make ready and complete versatility in carton range and substrate. The majority of Omega gluers are installed in folding carton plant with the remaining installations in both commercial printing and corrugated operations.

  • How did Can-Am Packaging Equipment’s relationship with Duran Machinery begin?

Initially Duran Machinery contacted Can-Am Packaging Equipment to engage in engineering consultation services relative to the Omega gluer and shortly thereafter saw the numerous advantages of an alliance with our company due to our success in the industry relative to global sales and marketing efforts for folding carton and corrugated equipment.

  • Duran Machinery is based in Istanbul. Why does this relationship with Can-Am Packaging Equipment work so well?

It has a great deal to do with mutual respect. Both of our companies share mutual goals in the successes of our businesses and the quality of products we offer and support in the marketplace. In addition, our companies recognized the importance of strategic global alliances long before this became a widely accepted practice.

  • Can you tell us about Duran Machinery’s R&D initiatives?

The company has an entire department devoted to the research and development of new designs and technology for the Omega product line, which in large part focuses on the folding carton industry. In addition, they are always prepared to quickly respond to customer’s requirements for special projects. They aim to implement the “ideal solution” in the most cost-effective manner without outsourcing or compromising quality.
For example, when customers have proprietary products and/or special projects that necessitate modifying the equipment, they respond easily and willingly. This is due to the quality and experience of their engineering staff and their company philosophy of going above and beyond for each and every client.

  • Will Duran be introducing any new equipment in the near future?

There are many new innovations in engineering and technology planned for the future and there will be other products manufactured by Duran that Can-Am Packaging Equipment Corp. will present. I am not at liberty to disclose these developments at this time but I can assure you they will be welcomed in the marketplace.

  • What will Duran be exhibiting at Drupa?

They plan to exhibit new Omega AllPro-S 145 and Omega AllPro 70 folder-gluers (Hall 10 Stand E43). The Omega AllPro S Series is designed for the high-speed production of complex cartons with minimum change over time and easy operation. Along with the well-proven features of the Omega Allpro, the Allpro S Series features independently designed four and six corner, auto bottom and straight line folding units which allow shorter makeready times and more economical power consumption.

  • What differentiates the Omega line of gluers from other folder-gluers on the market?

Reliability, durability, (frames are over one inch solid steel), ease of operation, minimum makeready, easy changeover, innovative design, advanced servo technology and Siemens controls to optimize productivity of all types of cartons and substrates.
Another difference is that Duran does not outsource to China or India as some other machine manufacturers do. Omega parts are all from Europe and yet these gluers are still competitively prices. The Duran formula for success is simply managing one of the most well run equipment manufacturing operations in the industry.

  • What is your best-selling gluer?

The Omega AllPro110 Series. However, new orders for the Omega AllPro S may surpass this record.

  • Does Can-Am service the machines?

We were the first company in the United States to offer 24/7 technical support at no charge. Our technicians are loyal to each and every one of our customers and we have a mission to support our customers under any and all circumstances

  • What technical support do you have in place for North and South American installations?

We provide installation and training programs to meet the individual demands of each company. For example, if a manufacturing operation has a third shift that can benefit from training, then we will schedule our technicians accordingly. In addition, we offer preventive maintenance programs to assist plants in troubleshooting potential problem areas before they ever occur. We have no geographic limits. We have completed Omega gluers installations in China, Australia, North and South and Central America and Mexico.

  • Can you address sale success? I understand that there is one company that likes the Duran line so much that it has installed multiple machines?

The company you are referring to has 12 Omega gluer that run 24/7 and have done so since the mid 1990’s. The balance of our clients on average own four of our machines, some of which are customized to meet manufacturing specifications—for example to run PET/PVC exclusively, or to run other special proprietary projects.
Our sales successes are strictly based on our commitment to our clients. That means running a business based on keeping customer’s confidences when asked to do so, and maintaining an operation that is ‘up and above board’ at all times. Ethics in business in the foundation of our mission and we in turn are committed to this with our customers. We have over 350 installations in 35 countries. Our machines are in Fortune 500 folding carton manufacturing operations as well as commercial printing/bindery companies and small manufacturing operations.

  • What about upcoming installations are there many planned? Is there a backorder time?

The current order time for Omega gluers is considerable as compared with past years. However, we are most pleased as we know this is a direct result of the success of our products in the marketplace and the customer support delivered to ensure the quality of our equipment over time.
The unexpected increase in upcoming orders for the next three quarters is what has increased the order time presently.

  • Are most of Can-Am Packaging Equipment’s products for the North and South American folding carton industry?

Approximately one third of the machines installed is concentrated in North and South America. We anticipate strong growth in the upcoming quarters that will significantly increase Omega product distribution in North and South America.

  • Is corrugated a target market for you in U.S?

Primary focus is on the folding carton industry. However, the company has several target markets for the future, one of which is the corrugated market – mainly because we see advantages that we can offer boxmakers – particular as regards gluer design and advanced technology.

  • Let’s talk briefly about Can-Am Packaging Equipment Corp. The company was founded in 1986 and it’s currently located in Pelham, N.H?

The company founded with the capital investment in one machine. The profit from that one machine was used as an investment to fund this business.
Can-Am Packaging Equipment initially built its reputation on rebuilding and re-manufacturing folding carton equipment and shortly thereafter was approached by both Duran and Kohmann GMBH for representation in North, South, Central America and Mexico. Both companies saw enormous advantages of developing an alliance with a company that had proven sales success in these markets.
We are very close to our manufacturers in terms of meeting their requirements, their goals and exceeding those goals, and they have gone above and beyond for us.

  • Bonnie , I understand you started the company?

Yes, that’s correct, and since its founding in 1986 the company has been a minority owned business (%100 female owned) and is certified by both WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) and the NWBOC (National Women Business Owner’s Corporation).
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