Duran Introduces Braille Plate Maker / Folding Carton Industry. May/June 2016

Duran Introduces Braille Plate Maker / Folding Carton Industry. May/June 2016


Based in Turkey, Duran Machinery is one of the leading manufacturers of folder gluer technology for the carton and corrugated box markets. What separates the company from its international competitors is its customer-oriented design and service philosophy and skillful engineering of its broad range of Omega machines. According to company Chairman, Oktay Duran, delivering an Omega folder is the beginning, not the end of a project. “We focus on maximising performance both in terms of speed and reliability, but also flexibility. That’s why our approach is different  we design and build a special machine, albeit based on a standard model.” He was speaking in response to questions about Duran Machinery’s continued growth and increased market share in today’s complex carton market that sees short runs being combined with non-standard styles. Highlighting the company’s approach to a burgeoning need is the latest Omega Braille Embossing Unit that can be fitted to Duran’s Intro and Allpro range of folder gluers. Designed to fit after the side register section, this 1.5m long addition offers class-leading precision of embossing and accuracy in terms of  positioning related to the carton and both dot height and shape to meet the latest international

standards. Introduced in 2009, in response to customer demand, and built entirely in-house in Istanbul, the Braille unit has sold extremely well with installations across eastern and western Europe and as far afield as Latin America. Such has been the demand that Duran decided to go one stage further. “We wanted to make our Braille unit as easy for customers to use as possible, so have

developed a Braille Plate Making machine that will allow converters to prepare a new plate in minutes, instead of ordering from an outsource,” explained Oktay Duran. Designed and manufactured 100% in-house to maintain control of accuracy, the Plate Maker uses Duran’s own software and top quality components. “This is a completely different technology from anything we

have attempted before. To allow our customers to make their own Braille platesin-house, we have had to turn our hand to a new kind of machine development. By using the expertise of our own R&D team,and the technical engineering skills of our manufacturing department, we have created highly accurate technology that punches the metal to produce the Braille plates. It is an innovative solution that is quick and easy to use, but easily maintains the quality standard set by the industry for high accuracy.” The new Omega Braille Plate Maker produces plates that comply with the Omega Braille Embossing system that can apply double and triple embossings in one go. As standard, the Omega Braille System applies 4 lines of Braille text with up to 32 characters per line in double embossing

on one plate or 18 characters per line in triple embossing. It is designed for left sided embossing on the Omega gluers. Optionally, it can also be configured for right side placement on the machine.


Special Projects

The company is always keen to respond to special production requirements and encourages its customers to investigate new packaging designs. Duran continues to focus R&D on developing bespoke products that offer efficient solutions for today’s market requirements. This technical ability and willingness to respond to special project requirements, and customer oriented approach, has made Duran a preferred folder gluer supplier for multi-national converting groups who seek clever design and engineering integrity in what is a highly competitive marketplace. “We deliver special projects with great success, but this is not our only strength. We know that every customer wants fast, reliable, maintenance-free and user-friendly machines with minimum make ready times so we design our Omegas accordingly. The key is listening to our customers very carefully, respecting their knowledge, and learning from their experience. We never do less than our best to meet their demands, and most of all, we always do this in the least costly way possible,” explained Oktay

Duran. He believes that cartons have a lot to offer in structural design, but the critical question is whether they are achievable or not. “We all think in terms of machine capability when evaluating new carton designs and decide which ones can and cannot be run on gluers. This might be one

of the biggest obstacles in the innovative aspect of the business, but it can be overcome.” Duran’s point of view is quite different from many others in that it actively encourages customers to surpass their expectations from standard equipment. Instead of forcing the standard machines to run the new designs, Duran designs and manufactures an Omega folder gluer specifically for newly designed cartons but one that can also run standard jobs perfectly. These special projects sometimes

require three design offices machine manufacturer, cartonmaker and end customer to cooperate for the initial carton design. There can be no doubt that it takes more than a common manufacturing

procedure to succeed, but it produces a valuable result for the industry. Given that standard jobs will be run at high speed, as usual, the new carton designs then become more of an opportunity than a problem. But, the key is finding the right machine manufacturer to achieve this. Duran Machinery believes it has the expertise and creativity that allows converters to expand their businesses into more profitable areas and respond quickly to changes in market demand. “We have a committed R&D team to focus on special projects, therefore we respond to them very quickly and successfully and we do not necessarily reflect the cost of development to our customers,” he added. Though typical of Duran’s approach to engineering, the Braille Embossing Unit is far from unique in the Omega product catalogue. “We have an innovations department called Duran Design, which

developed the new Braille Plate Maker that I genuinely believe will be a sought after item, because of the practicality it offers cartonmakers. Duran Design and our Product Development Department

have been working together successfully to launch new products onto the market and have already brought in many of the valuable additions to our folder gluer range, including Omega TurnPro and Nick Breaker. They have also developed specialized machines such as our Omega Carton Bag

machine.” By viewing machine development from the customer’s standpoint, Duran has been

able to design and build a range of folder gluers that offers high performance at affordable prices, without any compromise on reliability. All machine suppliers know that selling is only one part of the equation keeping the customer happy is just as vital. Duran’s approach, as a family business, is

both honest and transparent. “We collaborate with the most knowledgeable, experienced and respected sales and after sales teams worldwide. Our priority is to provide the most efficient technical support, whenever required, and importantly, we do not see our technical services and spare parts supply as a profit opportunity,” he added. These are the main reasons why Duran

sees so many of its customers return when they want to invest in another folder gluer.

Cartons are complex items today, and only close cooperation between machine manufacturer, converter and end-user can achieve the most efficient means of production. By building on a standard folder gluer platform that will run standard jobs at high speed, Duran has the technical knowhow to adapt its machines to run special work without compromise. This allows converters

to diversify their product range and thereby increase business, a fact that motivates Oktay Duran, who sees growing sales opportunities for his company. “Our customers are always looking for

more profitable ways to operate, whether it be greater efficiency on existing work or a move into new markets. They need flexible machines that will allow them to respond quickly to changes in demand,” he stated. What Duran offers is the ability to literally ‘think outside the box’ (pun intended!) and allow converters to add value to their business offering. “We all need something

that distinguishes us from our competitors if we are to succeed!” he concluded.