March 2017 / Matbaa Haber Mart 2017

Duran Machinery will exhibit a complete line at their 400 sqm stand in Hall B5 together with Van den Bos Corrugated Machinery

Duran Machinery will exhibit a complete line at their 400 sqm stand in Hall B5 together with Van den Bos Corrugated Machinery

Duran Machinery will exhibit a complete line at their 400 sqm stand in Hall B5 together with Van den Bos Corrugated Machinery

Building on a know-how of 60 years in carton packaging, Duran Machinery has been showing extraordinary success in the global carton and corrugated packaging industries for more than 25 years. The company, who has started building the first folder gluer for their own use in 1989, has become one of the top brands in the world in folder gluer technology. Now exporting to more than 65 countries and represented by more than 25 agents worldwide, Duran is a unique and unmatched machine manufacturer of highest quality folder gluers and provides the widest product range in the field from 35 to 230 cm wide machines, as well as ancillary equipment. The uniqueness of Duran Machinery comes from the company’s ability to respond to its customers’ specific requirements with committed R&D services and the customer oriented aftersales services keeping the perspective of a packaging manufacturer. The company is always keen to respond to special production requirements and encourages their customers to investigate new packaging designs. They continue to focus R&D on developing bespoke products that offer unique and efficient solutions for today’s market requirements. “We deliver special projects with great success. Our customer oriented approach now makes us the preferred folder gluer machine manufacturer for many multi- national  companies,” said Pinar Kucukaras, Sales and Marketing Director.

The Omega folder gluers have 4 product series; Omega Intro in 3 sizes (80-110-145), Omega Allpro in 9 sizes (35-55-70-90-110-130-145-165-185), the top of the line Omega Hi-Line with 3 sizes (90 – 110 -145) and Omega Magnus for Corrugated (170-210-230) The wide range of Omega Folder Gluers is aimed at the maximum productivity of packaging manufacturers.  Each model comes with different technical specifications to comply with the specific production requirements. The available motorized and memorized versions of these models also add up to the modularity of Omega Folder Gluers, making a customized line possible.

All Omega gluers are manufactured at Duran’s plant in Istanbul utilizing highest quality components. Each line is targeted at the performance required for the different productions needs of cartonmakers and corrugated box manufacturers and trade finishers including specialized gluers for pharmaceuticals, beverage carriers, cosmetic boxes, carton bags, confectionary products and aseptic packaging. At their 3rd participation in this exhibition, Duran will again be focusing on their corrugated solutions. As shown at their participation at drupa 2016, the company will be presenting a strategic cooperation that will exhibit a complete line, from the folder gluer to the truck!

On display will be an Omega Allpro 165 folder gluer working inline with a Van den Bos Packster Multipack, fitted with a single robot and two conveyors. The Van den Bos Packster has an ‘intelligent’ gripper with 24 vacuum zones that allow it to handle more bundles at the same time and stack them in different positions. Cutting edge software allows for easy operation via a 24” multi-tech flat screen that offers 3D real time vision of the boxes being processed. This semi-packing device accepts shingled boxes from the folder gluer, and a conveyor moves them into the strapping section and positions them for optimum quality. The Omega Allpro 165 is a robust machine designed for maximum versatility across a range of styles of both carton and corrugated board. These include straightline, double-wall and crashlock, as well as optional 4 and 6 corner styles with servo driven backfold finger. As a significant difference from other machines on the market in this size, the Allpro 165 is a cross-over machine that handles both folding carton and corrugated material perfectly. The Allpro 165 can also be equipped with additional sections to integrate inline tape applicators and label printers and an inline Omega ejector with two different designs that can be chosen according to the product mix.

A successful cooperation

Van den Bos Sts of Holland has been representing Duran Machinery in Benelux countries and Germany successfully since 2009. The two companies’ continued cooperation and success is definitely based on their similarities in business philosophy. With the hands-on approach to all their projects, Van den Bos has proven to be a perfect representative for Duran. Their technical knowledge in corrugated box making business have certainly helped this combined success. In the recent years Van den Bos started developing their own equipment that provides the downstream to Omega folder gluers. Keeping the same point of view as Duran for customizing their products to exactly meet the production and plant requirements, combining high quality equipment with cutting edge software, Van den Bos is now proving to be a successful machine manufacturer as well. As will be exhibited at the CCE, Duran and Van den Bos are now presenting a complete line solution together starting with the folder gluer and continuing with strapping, packing and palletizing. No doubt that this big show will be the center of attention of the exhibition this year.

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