Raziye Kubat

Raziye Kubat has exhibited her works titled ‘Visual Books’ for the first time in 1996 at ‘The Other’ – HABITAT II event. Later, ‘Imagining the Book’ has been invited twice (2002 and 2005) to Biannual organized by the Alexandria Bibliotheque in Egypt and took part in the Frankfurt Book Fair. “Voices from the Nation”  has been exhibited in the Elhamra Art Gallery, Gallery Apel and various exhibitions in other countries. These books appeared as an effort to develop techniques to preserve the carved wooden print plates before they were used. The artist’s search has been finalized with her words “the world is an open book!” at the end of a long creation period.

The 20th anniversary celebration of the artist’s works has been realized by a solo exhibition titled “Don’t Tell me Fairy Tales!” in Gallery Apel in 2009. In response to ambiguous expressions or vague explanations uttered to avoid satisfying our questions or expectations, we get tired and find this sentence at the tip of our tongue: ‘Don’t tell me fairy tales!’… These works that constitute the sentences  “Don’t tell me fairy tales!; I have no one to address…’ that she told herself at some point, not only questions the tale-like narration, but also uses it to make reference to ironic narration.

“A Room of its own” consisting of  works she created in 2005 was exhibited in Gallery Apel; and “What Do You Know about me” participated in various cultural platforms within the “Portable Art” project of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture.

 “A4 Pages” consists of her productions in 2007 while attending the Fundacion Valparaiso – Artist Residency in Mojacar, Spain.

 “Daddy is a rabbit and I am a cat! ”, a book consisting of 15 engraved wood blocks has been presented at the ‘First International Biannual for Hand Printed Artists Book’ exhibition organized by the Alexandria Bibliotheque. She also has a visual book with the same name which was exhibited along with other visual books at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

 “Of whom You are” is book published in 2008 by Cadde Publishers of Leman Magazines with Canan Pak’s sponsorship and texts written by Ömer Uysal.