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The Omega Pharma 35 is designed for folding and gluing pharmaceutical boxes and runs straight line blanks at high speed. Omega Pharma gluers can be equipped with Omega Braille Embossing System which is designed as a separate module.

Omega Braille Embossing System allows for efficient and high speed Braille embossing on the folder gluer and serves as an economical solution as the embossing is performed separately on blanks. This servo driven system has two discs; the male disc plate can be designed to have dual embossing feature to reach the targeted high productivity packaging producers. With its versatility in design; the location of embossing can be adjusted as required on any panel of the blanks. The system works in synchronization with the folder gluer, can be by-passed when embossing is not required and can be integrated with quality assurance systems for Braille embossing.

The Omega Braille Embossing System can be integrated with all Omega Folder Gluers in the 35 to 90 range and recommended with Omega Side Register Section for perfect alignment of the boxes, prior to Braille embossing.


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