July 2010 / Internatıonal Paper Board Industry

Omega Allpro 165 for Intrape

Omega Allpro 165 for Intrape

Intrapec of Holland invest in new gluer
Dutch converter opts for the latest Omega Allpro 165 from 
Duran of Turkey A report by Daniel Brunton

Intrapec is one of Holland’s leading sheet plants – based in Apeldoorn, it is located 15km from the box making ‘centre’ of Holland, Eerbeek. Intrapec was founded in 1983 by two gentlemen who had taken everything they had learnt from working in the integrated sector, and used it to their advantage to set up their own business. Primarily working as a packaging broker, the company quickly evolved and within a couple of years, invested in some basic converting machines so that they could fulfil the small, easy orders as quickly as possible. “In the early days, my Father and his business partner identified that there was room in the market for a business that could react quickly and turn around work within 36 hours, not the usual 8 to 12 days,” explains Paul de Lange, Managing Director. “They decided to invest in some of their own converting equipment, and to help them grow, I started working for the business in the early 1990s – quite literally, I would help out in the converting department in the morning, and then at lunch time, go out and sell work that afternoon for converting the next morning. We grew very quickly and today, we have a sales turnover of just over €7,5 million per annum. Our continued growth in sales and investments in new machinery is thanks to a carefully planned strategy that will result in our turnover doubling to €14 million with the next 5 years.”

Employing 35 people on a double shift basis, the company still has a large portfolio of packaging products it sells. “Today, about 50 per cent of our turnover is undertaken in house – the rest is out sourced from a series of ‘partner’ plants that we work with in the area,” continues Mr de Lange. The main production site is housed in a 3,00sqm factory. In addition to this, the company leases a 7,000sqm warehouse nearby, where it is able to hold stock boxes for its regular customers. “From this site, we can ensure next day delivery for our customers — a true ‘stock and serve’ business model.”

A well equipped converting hall houses a range of machines, including: Isowa 2.8m two colour rotary die-cutter with stacker; 1600 x 1400mm sheet-to-sheet litho laminator; Seco Seechang 2400mm folder gluer; Wook Il 1700 semi automatic flat bed die-cutter; Göpfert SRA boxmaker; and the latest addition to the machine park, an Omega Allpro 165 speciality gluer. 

‘A passion for packaging’ 
This is the company motto. “We live and breath packaging,” continues Mr de Lange. “With our wide range of industry contacts, we can supply highly decorative pre-print or flexo post print, as well as standard brown boxes. No order length is too big or too small — from 100 pieces to a million, Intrapec can handle it all.” It seems the passion for the business extends to the machines too. “When we look at new machines, we really do our home work thoroughly,” explains Mr de Lange. “In the case of the new Omega Allpro, we first saw the machine at Drupa. We spent a lot of time with the owner, Mr Duran, and his sales team. We had good discussions, and as a result, sent three of our key operators to Turkey to visit the manufacturer. We really liked what we saw, and made the decision to invest. It wasn’t just the attractive price proposal, it was more about building a relationship with a supplier who was keen for us to grow our business using his machine. Whenever we look at buying new machinery, we like to ensure that we can fill it in the first few weeks with at least 30 per cent of it s capacity — then we like to grow it from here. We don’t put too much pressure on the machine or the operators in the first few months — we like everything to get settled, and then we turn up the heat.”

From cartons to corrugated

The Omega Allpro 165, manufactured by Duran Machinery of Turkey, can handle a maximum blank width of 1650 mm , maximum blank length of 1200 mm and a minimum blank width of 350 mm as standard. Along with the newly designed Omega narrow small box system which enables to running of high-ratio as well as miniature boxes on larger models up to 165, the minimum box width that can be run on this machine is 60mm. The Omega 165  can convert a broad range of substrates, from 300 to 800gsm Cartonboard, as well as N, F, E, B, C flute corrugated and doublewall grades. The machine is 19.5m in length and has a maximum belt speed of 250m per min. It also features:
- Servo back folding system with single finger for 4/6 corner box styles;
- Standard crash lock attachment;
- All carriers are motorized with digital indicators;
- Single key for adjustment;
- Hand control on upper rail;
- Touch screen control panel;
- Modular feeding unit with rack gear extension, motorized vibration, Individual belt tensioning;
- Vacuum on feeder;
- Timed feeder;
- Long final fold unit;
- Adjustable Folder Belts at Final Fold Section;
- Pneumatic squaring device at the end of the final fold for squaring crash lock bottom; 
- Pneumatic, multi functional delivery;
- Additional control board at the end of delivery;
- Rear box squaring device with front edge control gauges; 
- The newly designed small box attachment, which enables operators to run miniature boxes on larger models up to Omega 165.

“We are very happy with this new gluer,” comment Mr de Lange. “We really like its flexibility in that it can run standard large boxes as well as really small format boxes down as small as 60 x 75 mm. It is easy to set-up, it is compact and has a very low noise level, which is important in the modern converting environment. Overall, we are very happy with our choise in this machine,” he concludes.