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OMEGA Magnus for Corrugated

Omega Magnus, specialty folder gluer for corrugated is presented to the market in 2 sizes; 210 - 230. Magnus has a maximum belt speed of 300 metres per minute and processes E, B, C and double wall board, utilising a servo back folding system with a single finger for 4 and 6 corner styles as well as being able to handle standard straight line and auto bottom functions.

The Magnus is a sturdy gluer constructed with 3 cm solid steel frames. The feeder has an extendable rack gear for oversized blanks and vacuum transfer system. Equipped with belt adjustment on 10 feeder belts, the Magnus has dual feed gates with extra pile supports, ensuring accurate feeding. Pre-fold and final fold sections incorporate pneumatically controlled and independently driven upper carriers, long final fold unit, motorised adjusting folder belts, a pneumatic squaring device at the final fold for squaring crash lock bottom boxes, delivery and stacker sections with heavy duty trombone unit and a down stacker which is a rear box squaring device with front edge control gauges on the stacker. All carriers on the Magnus are motorised.

Like all Omegas, the Magnus is a user friendly machine which utilises carrier motor control buttons on both sides, a colour monitor on the feeder for surveying delivery, an additional control board at the end of delivery and remote control. The Omega Magnus is also available in 'memory' version.

  • 210
  • 230