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Value Added Packaging Solutions

Value Added Packaging Solutions

Value Added Packaging Solutions

A&R Carton specializes in value adding folding carton packaging solutions, combining an innovative approach with vast experience in traditional consumer packaging. The company was founded in 2000 through the merger of A§kerlund & Rausing’s carton business and FCP — both companies had traditions in the folding carton industry dating back to the early 1990s. The company is part of AR Packaging Group with is owned by Ahlström Capital (64%), a private equity investment company founded in 2001 with industrial heritage from 1853 and Accent Equity Partners (32%), a Swedish private equity company with the remaining shareholding owned by the management. With 2,000 employees, the Group has 18 factories in 8 European countries with an annual turnover of €500 million. Their mission statement is to be the preferred partner of paperboard packaging solutions by being recognised as the leader in innovation, quality, service and sustainability.

Lund – Sweden
Their Lund factory employs 120 staff has a turnover of €55 million and has a converting capacity of 20.000tpa utilizing two full production lines. The facility has ISO9001, ISO14001, BRC-loP and FSC accreditation.
"During early 2009 we decided to investigate the current market of suppliers for complex gluers," explains John Dean, Plant Director. "After extensive discussions and testing of the various machines available we selected Duran Machinery of Turkey as the preferred supplier. The main reasons for this decision were the total quality of the machinery, their innovative and customer oriented management team and the cost competitiveness of their equipment." Later the same year the plant identified the need for a high speed side-sealer and Duran was the obvious choice. They had partnered with Liquitec nine years earlier due in part to Liquitec’s 50 years of experience in the liquid packaging industry building high speed flame sealers. "The Phoenix Flame Sealer was ordered end of December 2009 – and included in the contract were some very tough performance criterion," said Mr. Dean.

"During the detailed design and start up phase many visits where made to each others factories and a very strong partnership was developed between our 3 companies ( Duran, Liquitec and A&R Carton)," said Mr. Dean.  The line was successfully installed June 2010 and after a little more than a month the line met all the quality and performance targets in the contract. Plus it has the best skiving and hemming quality I have ever seen and has been running very well ever since."

"But the story doesn’t end there," concluded Mr. Dean. "Since the start up of the line we have arranged regular visits from the Liquitec specialists to  help maintain the machine in top condition and to support the training of the operators and department leaders."

Phoenix Specifications
The Liquitec Phoenix is 23 meters in length and weighs approximately 23.000 Kg and is built for one thing – speed. Its development is the result of many thousands of hours of design engineering and testing, then re-engineering and more testing until the machine was as bulletproof as it could possibly be. It is capable of running single sided poly cartons, with skiving / hemming and fully sealed, at 550 to 600 m/min. producing exceptional quality cartons.

Features of the Phoenix Flame Sealer with Skiving and Hemming include;

- Linear bearings for all carriers
- Ball screws for all carrier adjustments
- 30mm thick side frames means no vibration at any speed (max speed tested is 1000m/min)
- Sealing Roll module for side seam and center seam cartons gable top or brick 
- Liquitec Vacuum Hemming System for accurate and flawless hemming
- Every Section and moving component is Siemens servo driven and controlled
- Dynamically balanced pressure rolls system for side scores
- Pneumatically lifted feed arch, sealing roll and side score pressure rolls
- All bearings are highest grade precision low fill, low friction bearings.
- Double feed gates come standard with servo driven presser chain for consistent feeding of cartons.

All Liquitec Phoenix Flame Sealers are tailor made projects, mostly used for liquid packaging, to meet the specific production requirements of packaging producers.

Duran Machinery and Liquitec (a division of GluerTec LLC) teamed up nine years ago to manufacture flame sealers and that collaboration continues. The result of this successful partnership is many flame sealers, to various specifications, running successfully in countries such as Sweden, USA and Japan.