24 November 2014

Istanbul Open House 24 - 29 November 2014

Istanbul Open House 24 - 29 November 2014

We are pleased to anounce our annual Open House Istanbul event which will take place from 24th to on which we will introduce the new Omega Pack at its annual Open House which will take place from 24th to the 29th November at their headquarters in Istanbul.

The Open House feature two machines from the company’s extensive range of folder gluers — the Omega Allpro 110 integrated with the new high speed Omega Pack and the Omega Intro 110. The new Omega Pack is a high speed automatic case packer to complement the high speed carton production on Omega folder gluers. The equipment will be presented by Duran Machinery in cooperation with American company Graphic West, which is well known for its case packing solutions. Speaking for Duran Machinery, Sales and Marketing Director Pinar Kucukaras explained the cooperation. “The two companies have a great synergy, each believing that specialist knowhow and experience should be used to find the optimum solution. We are happy to find a long-term partnership with Graphic West who brought their vast expertise to our efficient collaboration. The new Omega Pack is based on the well proven J-Pack and it will be a great addition to our wide range of products to complement our folder gluers.

Integrated into the Omega Allpro 110, which will be shown running at 500 m/min, the Omega Pack will illustrate the increased production efficiency available from automated packing. “The Omega Pack can pack up to 4 rows and 4 layers and requires only a single operator to maximize output,” continues Kucukaras. “It is a mobile unit that can be moved from one folder gluer to another and takes only 10-15 minutes to make ready. The Omega Pack is projected to lower product cost by up to 30% and provides practical automation on any length of carton run from 50,000 upwards. It handles straightline and 4/6 corner work as well as many others, and can pack on crease lines or end flaps which provides for superior stacking strength. Like Omega folder gluers, the Omega Pack is designed as a user-friendly machine with high quality components.”

The second folder gluer on show, Omega Intro 110, which was introduced at last year’s Open House, has enjoyed wide international sales success in the past twelve months with various installations in Ireland, France, Romania, Turkey, Israel and Tunisia, with the first in the UK due shortly. Launched as a high quality budget machine, it carries the well-known Omega features of versatility and productivity with an extensive product capability that includes straightline, crashlock, double wall, conical crashlock, inner partition, Z-fold, CD/DVD sleeves and boxes for French Fries and 4-corner styles as well as optional 6 corners.

For more details on the Open House and how to attend, please contact Pinar Kucukaras, pinararas@duranmakina.com