Venture Packaging Investment Omega Magnus 210 & Omega Performa 165

Venture Packaging Investment Omega Magnus 210 & Omega Performa 165



When Ireland’s Venture Finishing first looked to increase its folder gluer capacity for a wide range of corrugated and carton work, it researched the possibilities before choosing Duran Machinery. The installation of an Omega Performa 165 line at the end of 2012 marked a significant step forward in the level of customer service the company was able to offer its portfolio of blue-chip customers, according to owner and Managing Director, Richard Gayer. Now, three years later, the company has turned to Duran again, and installed the first of its Omega Magnus 210 machines in the UK and Ireland. “As a trade house, we have to be able to handle all types of carton and corrugated finishing work and are frequently required to turnaround difficult jobs at very short notice. What we need are robust machines that can handle the heavy jobs, as well as offering the flexibility and dexterity that is an essential work-a-day experience for us. The Omega Performa fitted that bill perfectly,” he said “and it has proved to be so productive and trouble-free that when we needed extra corrugated gluing capacity we had no hesitation in ordering the Omega Magnus.” To satisfy himself that Duran technology could cope with the hardworking commercial environment he had in mind, Gayer visited the manufacturer’s production facility in Istanbul, “These machines combine the strength we need with the latest servo technology we wanted. It offers remarkable value for money and comes with an excellent warranty from a manufacturer that clearly knows what it’s doing in the folder gluer market.” He added that a close working relationship with leading UK folder-gluer expert, John Twigg, was instrumental in Duran securing the machine order. The Omega Performa 165 installed in 2012 is designed to handle corrugated and cartonboard. It has straight line, crashlock, 4 and 6-corner capability, and can produce the useful Z-fold style as standard. “What impresses us is its ease of preparation and operation. All the major parts needed remain on the machine, which makes good housekeeping easy and keeps the production floor tidy. It was clearly designed by someone who knows folder gluers well it’s ergonomic to operate, and for its size, it has a small footprint,” said Gayer.


Magnus Investment

The Magnus 210, which is specially designed for corrugated work, has a maximum belt speed of 300m/ min and is capable of handling E, B, and C flutes, as well as doublewall board, utilizing a servo back folding system with a single finger for 4- and 6-corner styles. It will also produce standard traight line and auto bottom functions. Constructed with impressive 3cm thick steel frames, the Magnus has an extendable rack on the feeder for oversized blanks and a vacuum transfer system. Equipped with adjustment on 10 feeder belts, the Magnus has dual feed gates with extra pile supports, ensuring accurate feeding. Pre-fold and final fold sections incorporate pneumatically controlled and independently driven upper carriers. To cater for corrugated substrates, the Magnus has a long final fold unit, motorised adjusting with carrier motor control buttons on both sides, a colour monitor on the feeder for surveying delivery, an additional control board at the end of delivery, and remote control all as standard. Since being commissioned in the summer of last year, the Magnus 210 has brought back folder belts and a pneumatic squaring device at the final fold for squaring crash lock bottom boxes. The delivery and stacker sections have a heavy-duty trombone unit and it has a down-stacker, which is a rear box-squaring device with front edge control gauges. The Magnus is a user-friendly machine in-house the jobs that were too big for the Performa 165 and is attracting more large-format work, especially of difficult box styles. “There is work out there that does not lend itself to a high degree of automation because of the complexity of design, run length, coating of the liner and other considerations. These jobs require a degree of human intervention, and that’s our USP!

What the Magnus has done is offer us extra capabilities that we can sell profitably. We are now the only trade finisher in Ireland for top-class box finishing,” said Gayer, who commented that a new die-cutter will soon be added to his plant list. Installed and commissioned the same day, Gayer reports no teething problems with the Magnus and praises the manufacturer for the quality of its initial operator training. “We’ve needed no follow-up training or involvement from the factory and feel safe in the knowledge that top quality technical support is only a phone call away. The performance has more than exceeded our expectations and we have had no issues which, as a trade house, is essential. Most of all, it’s allowed us to increase our capabilities and improve our level of customer service, while maintaining the top quality that the industry demands.”



Founded in 2007, and achieving ISO accreditation within a year, Venture enjoys the wealth of experience that Richard Gayer brings from his career as an Operations Manager/Director at some of Ireland’s leading carton and corrugated converters. Initially focused on finishing folded carton blanks and litho-laminated boxes (at the time the Omega Performa was installed), the split of business carton to corrugated was 60:40. Today, those figures are nearer 40:60, which provided the impetus to invest in the Omega Magnus. Gayer is very proud of the level of staff competence at Venture, because as a trade finishing company he knows that self sufficiency is essential. When the company took on an adjacent factory unit in 2014, it added 32,000 sq/ft to the existing 13,000 sq/ft facility, allowing production of carton and corrugated boxes to be split and processed more efficiently. “We knew we needed a lot more floor space if we were to grow the corrugated side of the business, and the next door unit is ideal with its extra space and integral loading bays,” explained Gayer. Today, with staff numbers that have grown from 16 to 25, Venture produces a variety of boxes and trays, and sees a steady growth in the demand for shelf-ready products from leading retailers. The new factory unit and Omega Magnus have already added 50 per cent to Venture’s corrugated capability, and Gayer’s target is to double that. There seems little doubt that he will succeed.