Çerkes Karadağ

Art and advertising photographer. He worked as graphic designer, commercial director, publisher, advertising photographer and film supervisor since 1971. He designed black & white art calendars and artistic posters, prepared professional magazines and trade-union papers. He took part in the documentary film team of the Ministry of Culture. He conducted advertising and promotion campaigns and took photos for commercial catalogues and brochures. He photographed many cultural books and artist catalogues. He gave lectures on photography in several public institutions. He participated in countless panels, symposiums and open sessions and lectured at universities. He made more than 100 slideshows. He took part in many national and international photography competitions and biennials and many group, common and invited exhibitions in Turkey and abroad.

He won national and international photography awards. He wrote articles and essays on photography in newspapers and magazines. He photographed Prague, Budapest, Mut-Mersin and Gaziantep. He and his oeuvre have been handled and discussed in the works of many Turkish poets, writers, painters and ceramic artists. He took political promotional photos in Ankara and became renowned as a photographer specialized on politician portraits. He continued to work at his professional photography studio he opened in 1987 in Ankara until 2005. Currently he is writing articles for Photoshop Magazine on theoretical photography.

His artistic works have been the topic of many articles, news and interviews published or broadcast in prominent art magazines, local and national newspapers, radio and TRT channels.

Channels TRT1, TRT2 and TRT4 have prepared documentaries about him and his works on different occasions. He is referred to as one of the most renowned figures of contemporary Turkish photography at the official websites of Prime Ministry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, certain Turkish embassies, General Directorate of Press and Information, many universities and public institutions.

Local & international collections his works are represented in:

  • Denmark National Photography Federation Library
  • France Ministry of Culture Photography Collection
  • Rumania Photography Federation Collection
  • Yugoslavia Public Theatres Collection
  • Private museum collection in Bavaria, Germany
  • Ankara Museum of Painting and Sculpture Museum Collection
  • Ministry of Culture –Republic of Turkey- Collection
  • Academia Akcan- Music Academy Collection, Ankara
  • Academic and Encyclopedic References to Karadağ:
  • Türkiye’de Fotoğraf – Phography in Turkey, Engin Özendes
  • Türk Plastik Sanatçıları Ansiklopedisi- Encyclopedia of Turkish Plastic Arists, Kaya Özsezgin
  • Meydan Laurousse, Grand Larousse
  • Whos’s Who
  • Türk Fotoğrafında 101 kompozisyon 101 yorum- 101 compositions & 101 interpretations in Turkish Photography, Gültekin Çizgen

Local Solo Exhibitions:

  • 1978 Watercolor exhibition, French Culture Center, Ankara
  • 1980 Watercolor exhibition, Art Institution, Ankara
  • 1985 Photograph exhibition, White-black/ Black-whites, Public Gallery, Ankara 1985 Atatürk Culture Center, Istanbul
  • 1986 Color Photographs, Gallery Oluşum, Ankara
  • 1986 Atelier Çizgi, Istanbul
  • 1989 Photography exhibition, Nuance, German Culture Center, Ankara
  • 1989 Refo Art Gallery, Istanbul
  • 1989 Milestones of Photography History, ASFAD Exhibition Hall, Ankara
  • 1995 Photography exhibition, Faces I Know, Dost Art Gallery, Ankara
  • 1995 Tayyare Culture Center, Bursa
  • 1997 Baleylim, Ada Art Gallery, Ankara
  • 2000 Çerkes Karadağ Collection Exhibitiom, Zerdust Art Gallery, Ankara
  • 2003 Photography exhibition, The Other Face, Karaca Art Gallery, Ankara
  • 2004 Istanbul Photography Center, Ankara
  • 2004 Baleylim, Academi Akcan, Ankara
  • 2004 Artist Art Gallery, Istanbul
  • 2005 Photography exhibition, Public Gallery, Edirne
  • 2005 Tayyare Culture Center, Bursa
  • 2005 Canon Erkayalar Photo Gallery, Izmir
  • 2005 Photography exhibition, Gaziantep Alive, Sanko Art Gallery, Gaziantep
  • 2006 Photography exhibition, Skin Stories, Mac Art Gallery, Istanbul
  • 2006 Photography exhibition, 9 Stories, Artist Art Gallery, Istanbul

Solo Exhibitions Abroad:

  • 1989 Photography exhibition, Nuance, Mannheim Abentakademie, Germany (Repeated in Heidelberg and other cities- Under the auspices of German Culture Center-Anakara)
  • 1995 Photography exhibition, Faces I Know, Expolange Trade and Exhibition Center, France (Under the auspices of Ministry of Culture) International Competitions:
  • 1984 10th International Photosalon, Belgium
  • 1984 12th FIAP Color Print Biennial, Turkey
  • 1985 7th Biennial de Fotografia Europe, Spain
  • 1985 INTERDIA ’85- 9 Weltcup in Color, Germany
  • 1986 11th Smethwick Color International Exhibition, UK
  • 1986 Yıldız University, International Photography Competition, Turkey
  • 1986 Le Theatre dans l’Art Photographique- 8th Triennale Internationale, Yugoslavia
  • 1988 7th Semaine Internationale de Diapositives Coloures, France
  • 1988 5th Istanbul International Exhibition of Photography, Turkey
  • 1988 19th International Salon of Photography Art Nude Figure Studies and Portrait “Venus ‘88”, Poland
  • 1989 Birkenhead International Color Salon, UK
  • 1989 37th Worcestershire International Echibition of Color Photography, UK
  • 1989 14th Smetwick Color International Exhibition, UK
  • 1989 Le Theatre dans l’Art Photographique- 9th Triennale International, Yugoslavia
  • 1989 Anatolian Art Center International Exhibition of Photography, Turkey
  • 1989 1st Istanbul International Exhibition of Photography, Turkey
  • 1989 1st International Photo-competition About “Horses”, Hungary
  • 1991 4eme Festival de la Photographie d’Aix-en-Provance, France
  • Moreover, Karadağ also took part in international group exhibitions in Spain, the USA, the Netherlands, Denmark, Luxemburg, TRNC and Rumania.
  • His works have also been exhibited in Mediterranean region and some Middle Eastern countries with an international exhibition titled “Identites Mediterraneennes”, supported by the French Ministry of Culture.


Since he was a teenager, Karadağ has been winning awards in many fields of art, including story-writing, painting, scriptwriting and photography. Some prominent ones are:

  • 1969 Story Writing Competition among High School Students, Turkey
  • 1973 Tasvir Newspaper, Short Story Competition
  • 1977 DYO Painting Competition
  • 1977 Hey Magazine, Art Calendar
  • 1977 Ankara Art Galleries, Painting
  • 1977 Ankara Art Galleries, Photograph
  • 1978 Association of Foresters
  • 1986 6th State Photography Competition
  • 1986 Le Theatre dans l’art Phorographique- 8th Triennale Internationale, Yugoslavia - Silver Medal
  • 1989 Birkenhead International Color Salon, UK- Honorable Mention
  • 1986 Scriptwriting Compeition by Ministry of Culture, “A Lonely Monument”- Mention
  • 1987 Nasreddin Hoca International Photography Competition
  • 1989 IFSAK International Photography Competition, IFOD Prize

Honorary Awards and Medals Presented:

  • 1990 FIAP/ Federation International de l’Art Photographique- Title of “AFIAP”- Artist of FIAP
  • 2000 State Honorary Medal – Czech Republic
  • 2004 IFSAK- Photographer of the Year- for 2004 Art Season

Album and Catalogue Scripts:

  • 1995 “White” World of Aytaç Elalmış
  • 1997 “Erotic Nature” in İsmet Akdeniz
  • 2005 April-- Adnan Polat’s Photography- Looking Through the Lane of Gloom
  • 2005 April—Once Again with Tülin Demir
  • 2004 February—“Digital Poems” by Adnan Veli
  • 2005 March—Painting Universe of Gulten İmamoğlu
  • Gösteri Magazine – Ahmet Arif “His Heart was a Pit of Dynamite”
  • Mehmet Günyeli Album- Looking at the World from India

Albums and Catalogues:

Photo Albums

  • 1989 Nuance, Dost Publishing House, Turkish & English, Ankara
  • 1985 Faces I Know, Ministry of Culture Pub. Turkish & English, Ankara
  • 1987 Baleyliö, Doruk Pub. House, Turkish & English, Ankara
  • 2000 Magis Prague, Ii Bank Pub., Turkish & English, Ankara
  • 2006 Skin Stories, Mac Art Gallery Pub., Turkish & English, Ankara

Theoretical Books

  • 2000 So-Called Photography- Aphorisms, Dost Pub., Ankara
  • 2004 Culture of Seeing Vol. I, Universe of Images, Doruk Pub., Istanbul
  • 2004 Culture of Seeing Vol. II, Magician of Imagery, Doruk Pub., Istanbul
  • 2004 Culture of Seeing Vol. III, The Profound Meaning of Photography, Doruk Pub., Istanbul
  • 2004 Dialogues with the Photographer, Doruk Pub., Istanbul


  • 2004 The Other Face, Essays of Prtraits,, Doruk Pub., Istanbul

Art of Painting

  • 1993 Ankara Museum of Painting and Sculpture Album, Ministry of Culture Pub., Ankara
  • 1993 Early Age Painters, Ministry of Culture Pub., Ankara

Documentary Scenarios

  • 1986 A Lonely Monument, Ishak Paşa Palace and Complex, Ministry of Culture Award

You may also visit www.cerkeskaradag.com for detailed information on the artist’s works.